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Break with the rituals: the wedding cake at midnight

Thankfully, cutting the wedding cake at midnight isn't all that common anymore. Nevertheless, some bridal couples insist on the cut at the zeroth hour. Below you will find out why it makes sense to let this be.


The dance floor pulsates, and the party lights shoot over the ceiling of the wedding location. The party is in full swing. Old and young dance together to the music and some buttons on the men's shirts are already undone. Suddenly a bright light flashes from above, and the service staff comes in with a trolley on which is a multi-tiered wedding cake with a few sparkling sparklers. The guests and I look at each other wounded, a mood arises as if the SEC were storming the wedding. The bridal couple cuts the cake according to the classic custom and gives each guest a piece on the adjacent plates. The knife not only splits the wedding cake but also the atmosphere.

Ritual auf jeder Hochzeit: Der Anschnitt der Hochzeitstorte

Why not cut the wedding cake at midnight?

Where the custom of cutting the cake at midnight came from is only partially understood. The custom of serving a wedding cake originally comes from England. In the nineteenth century, it was customary to serve a cake buffet in the afternoon at coffee time (or tea time) on the day of the wedding.

In the meantime, the champagne reception has replaced coffee or tea and cake, but one did not want to do without the beautiful cake with the miniature bridal couple. So the time to cut the cake probably got pushed further and further back until the misconception arose that the cake had to be cut at midnight. A guaranteed killer for any wedding party.

Why not serve the cake as dessert right away?

This kills two birds with one stone: You save yourself the dessert from the catering or the location and serve your guests the wedding cake instead. External confectioners are often asked for this anyway, who serve up real works of art, but at the same time represent an additional cost factor. Therefore, it makes perfect sense not to order the dessert from your wedding location or caterer in the first place and instead to serve the wedding cake to your guests.

Midnight snack or wedding cake?

We all know it: After or with alcohol consumption and a sweaty party night, hunger sets in. Cravings, more specifically. However, not on sugary marzipan cream mountains but on something salty. Something hearty. (Vegan) Currywurst is still the most popular snack at the twelfth hour. Closely followed by cheese and spread platters. It's not uncommon for us as DJs to see buffets of this kind being plundered completely, while cupcakes, cakes and other desserts remain untouched. Treat your guests to something nutritious instead of sugar bombs. After all, they should continue partying with you and your DJ all night long.

Conclusion: Say "yes" to the wedding cake but "no" to outdated customs

We hope we were able to convince you of our opinion that the wedding cake should not necessarily be cut during the party night. Here are all the reasons at a glance:

  • Party killer number one: While the party is in full swing, the dance floor is cleared and guests queue up to get a piece of the cake.

  • Save yourself the additional dessert from the caterer and serve your guests the wedding cake instead.

  • Treat your guests to a hearty snack platter instead of mountains of cream during the celebration.

We wish you every success in planning your wedding! If you have any questions about wedding cakes, write us here in the comments or contact us. We answer every inquiry and are happy to help you.

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