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Why not a winter wedding?

Why is it better to get married in winter? There are plenty of reasons why it's worth celebrating a wedding if it's not muggy, hot and sweaty. You may loss potential fotographs of a nice summer day - but you have all the more possibilities in your hand that are worth taking a look at.

Learn the benefits of why you should consider an off-season wedding in this post.

Getting married in the summer is almost an unspoken law. The reasons for this are obvious: For most people, it is the most beautiful time of the year, great photos and videos are taken and you can wear light clothes and suits to the wedding without freezing. But you also share this view with many, if not with almost all other bridal couples. And this is where the disadvantages begin.

Hochzeit Winter
A wedding in the winter months can look particularly stylish in an old hut location


The underestimated winter or fall wedding

Below we list some disadvantages that you may not consider when planning your own wedding.

1. Fully booked locations

Locations, estates and castles that stand out due to their special charm are sometimes fully booked years in advance. I.e. you are either extremely early in the planning or you have to make compromises when choosing your wedding location. On the other hand, the chances areone significantly higher in the winter months that you will get married exactly where you want - and often much cheaper, since there is hardly any demand in the winter months.

2. Competition with other weddings

As mentioned earlier, you won't be the only ones wanting to get married during the summer months. So it could happen that a wedding guest/couple that you would love to have with you at your wedding has already been invited to another wedding. This can sometimes cause frustration. Some people then get the feeling that the invited person would rather dance at another wedding than at their own. But perhaps they had just promised to the other couple earlier.

3. Wedding season = holiday season

Not only do you have to compete with other weddings in the summer months. Also, some of your guests will have already planned their vacation and especially in July and August, when there are school holidays in most states, some of your guests have already booked their flights abroad.

4. Petrus doesn't feel like celebrating

Unfortunately, climate change is in full swing. The summers that are too hot, especially in big cities like Berlin. The humidity is not only a problem for the older generation (which should also be part of a wedding party) but also for younger generations. Especially if the location you're getting married doesn't have air conditioning - and almost none do, trust us. Most wedding locations have completely slept through the changeover to ever-hotter summers. So please also think about your older wedding guests if you get married in hot months.

Besides, the chances of a bright summer day are highest in the months from May to September, nobody can guarantee that it will not rain from morning to evening on your day. In the autumn and winter months, you can at least prepare yourself for bad weather, which means that you have to focus more on your choice of location and an individual interior design (modern wooden hut or barn, cozy fireplace, attractive decoration, etc.). Your guests will certainly be happy to celebrate a gaudy party with you in the dull winter months.

5. Exhausted guests

As mentioned in point 4, the rising temperatures are not only affecting the older generations. Especially in combination with drinking alcohol too early (e.g. the popular day drinking at a champagne reception) will ensure that eyelids become heavier in the early hours. No matter how much the wedding DJ can play the hits, a party with momentum and energy on the dance floor will be rather difficult.

6. Expensive prices for ALL service providers

It's quite simple: Demand determines supply. As a DJ, can I choose which wedding I would like to play at, since there are 4 requests for the same date in my inbox waiting for an answer? Or do I have no choice on that day anyway and now have to fight with other DJs for the bride and groom's acceptance and therefore discount the price? Also, why does it always have to be on Saturdays? Personally, I think celebrating on Friday is better anyway, because you can regenerate for two days before being productive again on Monday.

Every service provider, whether DJ, photographer, location or caterer is happy about an order in the off-season and you can better negotiate the price, since most providers have no alternative inquiries anyway .



These six reasons should show why a wedding in winter can make more sense than in summer. Use this circumstance to your advantage and don't be shy about negotiating the price with your service companies. If you are now in the mood for a winter wedding, you can ask us directly for a DJ. I'm sure that a lot of guys and girls haven't planned anything yet.. ;) We wish you every success in planning your wedding! If you have any questions about a #winterwedding, write us here in the comments or contact us. We are pleased to help you.

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