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Wedding gifts and origami artworks

What do I give away at a wedding? Some find it difficult to decide: will it be something that suits the bride and groom or should it just be cash?

Again and again our DJs from the Deejay Heroes come across the most unusual gift ideas: yellowed tableware sets, which have probably been given away for the 4th time at a wedding, used household appliances and similar household items. Tradition with all due respect, but nowadays it will hardly be necessary to hand over the old tea maker from the last century to the next generation. What you can do instead as guests at a wedding: Give away money. It may seem a bit impersonal, but it is the most meaningful gift a newlywed will need at the time. Read why here:

Hochzeitsgeschenk Geld
Banknotes - the classic wedding gift

How much does a wedding cost?

If the wedding is not supported financially by other family members, then the bride and groom have already spent a small fortune on the day of the celebration. And the DJ's fee is still one of the cheaper items. Above all, the wedding locations and caterers, as well as the rings and the wedding dress/suit can hardly be found in the four-digit range. You can support the bridal couple and give back a small part of it. Because unlike other events, a wedding is always a negative business for the organizer financially. If you disregard an unforgettable day.

How do I give away money properly?

The best thing to do here is to stick to the simple rule: the simpler, the better. No piggy banks, or big gift wrappers for a bill. "Charcoal, cards, envelopes make everyone happy" - I once heard someone say at a party. In any case, mark that the gift comes from you, so that your wedding present does not get lost among all the other souvenirs.

Keep it simple: Leave the banknote as it is!

As previously mentioned, we've seen the most whimsical wedding gift and money ideas. As creative, as this may seem, it could harm the newlyweds. The reason? In 2013, the German national bank issued a letter in which it did not undertake to accept "damaged" money (e.g. due to complex folding techniques). In most cases it does, but we don't want to make it unnecessarily difficult for the bridal couple.


In any case, we wish you every success! If you have any questions about wedding gifts, write us here in the comments or contact us. We answer every inquiry and are happy to help you.

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