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Father, mother, child (care) and weddings - is it worth it?

Both some of your guests and you yourself are already parents. The wedding is a celebration for the whole family - but could be more than boring for one or the other child. This is where professional childcare comes into play.

In summer of 2022, I played as a DJ for a wedding at one of the numerous farms in Brandenburg, near Berlin. In addition to the fresh nature that surrounded us, a live band, a barn as a dance floor, and horses (see picture) were part of this great event.

But that wasn't the only thing that made this wedding something special: In addition to the beautifully decorated location, children romped around with toys and did handicrafts or painting at the childcare table, which had everything that made children's hearts beat faster.

Pferd Hochzeit

The riding stable in Brandenburg also served as a wedding location on this day.

The care of the children should not be left to the laity!

While I was setting up my system, I observed the scenery through the large barn door: the childcare spoke German to some of the children and English to other children without an accent. That made sense, of course, since it was a German-American wedding and there were guests from both countries. The young woman was also able to multitask to a level I had never seen before, commenting and praising the children's arts and crafts while giving new toys to the children who were dancing and running around her. With other kids she formed balloons into funny figures. She did all of this without appearing even remotely stressed, quite the opposite: the childcare worker clearly had fun - while the rest of the bridal community was able to eat, chat and celebrate in a noticeably relaxed manner.

Few weddings with such a large number of guests offer such relaxation and tranquillity. Especially not when there are many children around. The picturesque nature and the relaxed temperament of the owners and guests is certainly also essential factor - but the fact that a professional childcare worker was present must not be concealed here. Because let's be honest: When we were kids, we might have been to weddings ourselves and the last thing we wanted to do was sit at the table with all the adults and discuss boring topics. Personally, I didn't even want to take part in the dinner, I just wanted to play catch with the other kids present until the sweat dripped onto my children's jacket

So I spoke to the young woman with the orange Sportie-Toons T-shirt: "How do you manage to remain calm when the kids are hectic and demanding? And where did you get all the materials from?" She gave me an answer that couldn't have been simpler: "Oh, I just like children." Admittedly, you could see that at first glance. "And I brought the materials from us from the camp." "What camp?" I asked in surprise. She replied, "Yes, I'm from Sportie-Toons. My boss asked me if I was free today and would like to work here."

So it turns out that the young child caretaker, who also spoke English like a native speaker, was not a relative of the bridal couple. Like me as a DJ, she was booked as professional childcare for the wedding. The bridal couple had previously researched online and thought it would make sense to allow the children to have fun at their celebration.

Does professional childcare also make sense for your wedding?

After all the experiences I've had at various weddings, a very clear "YES"! This is especially true if you have invited many young parents with children. Of course, you could also commission someone from the close relatives who would then get all the toys, handicrafts and painting materials in advance and take care of the children and would therefore not really benefit from the wedding.

Since I was there myself and was able to see how the young woman from Sportie Toons treated the children, we can only recommend her to you with a clear conscience. The children present at your wedding will thank you! We would therefore like to recommend the Sportie Toons for the Berlin area:

We wish you every success in planning your wedding! If you have any questions about wedding photography, write us here in the comments or contact us. We are pleased to help you.

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