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Wedding photographers - and their history

The wedding is THE milestone in the time together as a couple. It goes without saying, that this day must be recorded for eternity. But where did the tradition of taking pictures at a wedding come from? When did it all start? A little time travel.

Wedding photography is almost as old as photography itself. The first wedding photo was taken about 14 years after photography (1836) was invented. Unlike today, when the photographers are present at the wedding itself, back then the bride and groom went to a studio and posed for the wedding photo. If you rummage through the old photo albums of your parents or grandparents, you will surely find photos of a similar nature.

Hochzeitsfotograf Berlin Geschichte

Classic photos in a photographer's studio for a wedding or other occasion

Nowadays there are many different forms of wedding photography: from pose to snapshot, from kitsch to artistic, group, portrait or party pictures - or just a mix of everything. Therefore, a good photographer is at least as important at a wedding as the DJ. With him/her stands and falls not only the wedding and the party itself, but also the memory of it. When I was booked as a DJ at a wedding in Brandenburg in 2021, I met the photographer couple Jessi and Sebastian. I found the two of them interesting simply because they accompany the wedding quite atypically as a couple of photographers. This way, one can provide the right lighting and give tips while the other presses the shutter button. You can see the great pictures that result from this on their Instagram channel or on their website:



Why is the right photographer for a wedding just as important as a professional DJ?

When planning your wedding, please bear in mind that in addition to booking a professional DJ, reliable catering, and a beautiful location, you are also booking the right photographer. Your children or grandchildren, but also friends and families who might not have been able to be there on the wedding day, should be able to understand as authentically as possible how beautiful this day was for you. Especially if they also rummage through your old photo albums at some point in their lifes.

We wish you every success in planning your wedding! If you have any questions about wedding photography, write us here in the comments or contact us. We are pleased to help you.

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